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At WASTEWEAR, we believe that fashion should not come at the cost of the environment, which is why we make all our products using 100% recycled waste materials. We specialize in turning pre-consumer and post-consumer waste into versatile textile products for all purposes.


100% Recycled Wholesale Blank Apparel

WASTEWEAR's circular blank apparel made using 100% recycled materials is one of the most sustainable ways to produce promotional and branded apparel & accessories. Each product brings planet-positive brands a step closer to their sustainability goals.

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Uniforms & Promotional Apparel & Accessories

Partner with us to create sustainable custom uniforms or merchandize for your organization using recycled materials. We can provide you with finished products that are ready to use, and can also work with your existing partners to seamlessly integrate products made using recycled materials into your current offerings.

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Work with us to manage your textile waste outputs. We responsibly manage all textiles by donating, resuing, upcycling, recycling, and downcycling and keeping waste from entering our landfills depending on the nature of the waste.

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Custom Development

We provide full-service large volume custom production for brands and organizations using recycled materials and other solutions to help your brand achieve your circularity goals.

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T102ASH2 Wastewear Ash T-shirt
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