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Your Sustainability
Goals With Us

We transform plastic and textile waste into fashion. Partner with us to grow your sustainability initiatives using our fashion-forward fabrics and finished products that are made only from recycled waste. 

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What We Do

At WASTEWEAR, we believe that fashion should not come at the cost of the environment, which is why we make all our products using 100% recycled waste materials. We specialize in turning pre-consumer and post-consumer waste into versatile textile products for all purposes.

What We Offer

Custom Development

We work with brand and organizations to provide them with custom fabrics and products made using various blends of 100% recycled materials. Our fabrics can be developed for a variety of uses such as apparel, accessories, luggage, home furnishing, upholstery, industrial uses etc. Get in touch!


Create your own custom designs and we will print them for you on any of of our wholesale apparel and accessories, all made using only recycled waste materials. Get our full catalog here!

Uniforms & 
Custom Merchandize

Partner with us to create sustainable custom uniforms or merchandize for your organization. We can provide you with finished products that are ready to use, and can also work with your existing partners to seamlessly integrate products made using 100% recycled materials into your current offerings. Get a quote now!

Wholesale Fabrics &

We offer a variety of pre-made apparel and accessories which are perfect for printing.  We can custom develop any sizes, colors, and fabric qualities as per your custom needs for large volume orders. We also offer bulk fabrics made with only recycled waste materials. Get our full catalog here!

Retail Products

Shop our retail collection of comfortable and sustainable apparel and accessories all made using 100% recycled waste materials. No dyes were used in the production of our retail garments, and the color of the products comes from the sourced waste. Visit our retail store!

Contact Us

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